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An exceptional location

AberActives operates in an exceptional setting in Roscoff (Finistère). The company benefits from a unique geographical area with the largest national deposit of seaweed fields. The Breton coastline is the main supplier of seaweeds in France, with more than 800 marine species listed. These bioresources are important actors of the blue economy in Brittany. The company’s main objective is to prolong a historical Breton tradition, the valorization of marine plant bioresources.

Seaweed field
Laber laboratory

Blue Valley® Innovation Park

More specifically, AberActives is located in the Laber building in the Blue Valley® Science Park. This science park is a perfect place for development and innovation in marine biotechnology. It offers the company a brand-new Research & Development laboratory, fully equipped for technology transfer. The Labersite, operated by Haut-Léon Community, is rented from the Roscoff Biological Station – CNRS – Sorbonne University.

A scientific center of excellence

The Roscoff Biological Station is a world leader in algal research. This scientific center of excellence also encompasses a high-level teaching center, a long-term observation site and high-quality housing and catering logistics. The company’s founders all come from this prestigious institute. AberActives is part of an innovation ecosystem that is sensitive to environmental issues and concerned with developing the socio-economic activity of Brittany.

Roscoff Biological Station
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