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Give sense to work and economic activity

We put to use years of fundamental research for transfer towards industrial applications. We want to make our expertise on algae accessible and thus advance economic activity With the aim of accelerating the transfer of knowledge, we want to build a pre-industrial demonstrator. We wish to support the local economy with the creation of high value-added jobs and thus contribute to creation of economic value for the seaweed sector as a whole, in Brittany and in other maritime territories.

Green chemistry
Roscoff Biological Station

Commitment to the territory(ies)

The passion for Brittany is shared by all the members of the team. Our desire is to be part oflocal ecosystems. The founders have at heart to give back what this region has given them. Of course, our engagement and our desire to transmit extend well beyond the French borders.

Green chemistry and respect for the environment

At AberActives, our passion for the sea and seaweed is the driving force behind our development. Aware of current issues,the protection of the marine ecosystem is our priority. We guarantee that our processes are ecologically responsible. This shared value and passion gives the company its own energy. We are committed to always respect these guidelines.

Green chemistry
AberActives Founders

Mind-openness and listening

Trust and tolerance are at the heart of our professional exchanges. We make it a point of honor to ensure good understanding and communication within our team. We ensure total transparency on our vision of a collaborative and harmonious future between the members of the company Our goal is to offer career opportunities to our employees, based on benevolent recruitment and attention.

Sharing knowledge with employees

Concerned with transmitting our knowledge, we wish to teach future generations a taste for learning and scientific curiosity. With an environment which favors both personal and professional development, we meet today’s needs while ensuring those of tomorrow.

Sharing knowledge
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