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Our mission at AberActives is to offer natural extracts from algal biomass. These extracts are manufactured in a sustainable and natural way to meet the needs of the cosmetics and nutraceuticals industries. Our company has a unique expertise in the field of algal products and eco-extraction:

The founders of the company are pioneers in seaweed research. Coming from a prestigious institute, the Station Biologique of Roscoff, they have at heart to capitalize on the many years of research they have accomplished. Whether they are Bretons or Quebecer, they are united by their passion for the sea and their desire to promote innovation in Brittany and Quebec. Seaweed is omnipresent in their lives and their desire to develop this local Breton resource is a fundamental aspect of AberActives.

The R&D team is the heart of the company with exceptional abilities. It was chosen with care by the founders and meets all their requirements. Based on both a long know how and the most recent developments, it allows to explore and industrialize the still untapped potential of algae.

The privileged access to a very rich field of algae gives the company the opportunity to develop a biomass witch is seen from its windows. Thanks to a locally available, varied sourcing, the company guarantees natural active ingredients with new functionalities.

The desire to transmit knowledge and to communicate about this exceptional local resource allows the company to recruit solidly. The company is committed to the professional growth of its employees. Education and pedagogy are fundamental values of the Blue Valley Innovation Park®, and AberActives is fully committed to them.

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